The closed joint-stock company Telsi was founded in 1991 to build and then operate telecommunications network, which would ensure a qualitatively new level of technological telecommunication infrastructure of Krasny Treugolnik (Red Triangle) factory district. Red Triangle was the rubber goods factory. As the economy of Russia collapsed, the factory was driven into bankruptcy. One of the main strength of the Company is the complex approach to services. Services of ZAO Telsi enable our clients to optimise internal business processes and conveniently organize relations with business partners. ZAO Telsi offers complete technical solutions starting from demand analysis to construction and subsequent maintenance of corporate networks or home.
As our goal is to provide the most needed communications facilities to our clients, ZAO Telsi has started its own Internet services since May 2007. Now, our Local Telephone and Internet Service coverage is in two districts of Saint-Petersburg Admiralteyskiy and Kirovskiy.

At present time, ZAO Tesi is a dynamically growing company, which is consistently expanding the range of innovative telecommunications services.


We offer reliable phone line access for you and your company. With our service, youll enjoy consistent, quality voice transmissions and proven reliability. Our backup systems ensure you can make and receive clear phone calls 24 hours a day.


We offer the super-fast, instant connection to the Internet you need at a very affordable rate. The Company ZAO Telsi offers connections to a reliable high-speed Internet line, under the Licenses of the Communications Ministry of the Russian Federation. We offer high-speed xDSL or Ethernet connection.

ADSL cable technologies

ADSL Technology (Asymmetric digital subscriber lines) appeared on telecommunication services market not long ago. Since then it has been developing very quickly. Why is it so attractive for subscribers? With its quality ADSL is the alternative to construction of fiber-optic networks (quite expencive) and allows optimum use of existing cable networks of traditional phone operators. This technology provides the data transfer at the rate sufficient for effective work with various data including digital video and multimedia. Already existing phone cable is used for ADSL. Special devices - splitters are set on endings of acting phone lines: one - on the Automated Phone Station, other - in office (apartment) of the Subscriber. Usual phone and ADSL modem are connected to the subscribers splitter which according to execution can perform functions of a router or bridge between local subscribers network and inter router of the provider. At this the modem work absolutely does not disturb usual telephone communciation. In usual operating conditions. with ADSL technology it is possible to transfer data at the rate up to 8 Mbit/sec in forward direction and 1,5 Mbit/sec in reverse one. ADSL equipment transfers data approximately 200 times faster than usual analog modems on which the average stable rate of transfer is about 30 Kbit/sec in the same physical environment of distribution. The advantage of ADSL-access:
- high speed of Internet access
- using existing telephone line
- user group work (local network) on one channel
- permanent connection with the network
- fixed IP-address
- opportunity of distributed corporate network creation
ZAO Telsi Company at present time is ready to offer the connection on this technology on the base of ISKRATEL equipment.


To install telephone or internet lines at request of customers, ZAO Telsi has own service department in our structure.

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